Clear Braces For Teen

What are Clear Braces ?

Clear Braces are a type of teen braces that forego all of the frustrating brackets and wires that are used with traditional braces, which makes for a much more appealing teeth straightening solution. These clear braces are made from plastic and are fitted over the upper and lower rows of your teeth. Each tray of clear braces is comprised of two separate aligners that are worn for a period of two weeks before being replaced with another set.The function of clear braces is the exact same as the function of traditional metal braces, which means that you won’t lose anything when selecting this particular treatment. Whether you’re suffering from an open bite issue or have some crooked teeth that are adversely affecting your entire smile, clear braces will be able to move your teeth into their proper position for a more beautiful smile.


Clear Braces for Teen

When you’re a teenager and are focusing mainly on getting through high school as quickly as possible, you certainly don’t want to hear that you need braces. However, having your teeth straightened now is much easier than doing so when you’re an adult. If you’re fearing the prospect of going to school with metal wires and brackets on your teeth, there are a variety of other options available to you, the primary of which is the clear braces solution. While clear braces work in much the same way as traditional metal braces, they are practically invisible, which should keep your confidence high and your mood positive.

Benefits of Clear Braces for Teen


There are a wide range of distinct benefits provided by wearing clear Braces as opposed to other teen orthodontic treatments. For one, the plastic Braces that you’ll be wearing are almost entirely invisible, which is far better for your appearance than needing to wear metal brackets to have your teeth straightened. These Clear Braces are also among the only type of teeth straightening appliance that can be removed, which means that you won’t need to wear the Clear Braces when brushing your teeth or eating. 


The lack of brackets and wires also means that you won’t get food stuck between the wires, which is a problem that can be difficult to remedy and will oftentimes require you to spend a longer period of time brushing your teeth.This solution is considered to be very comfortable as well when compared to the metal brackets of traditional braces. The wires with braces need to be tightened periodically to ensure that your teeth are moving to their proper position. 

On the other hand, clear braces allow your teeth to move gradually by simply replacing one set of braces with another. You can also be confident in the safety of clear braces. The absence of metal wires and brackets means that your gums won’t be punctured accidentally. Plastic braces fit directly over your teeth and are generally smooth in texture.

The Smile Express System

The Smile Express system that our orthodontists use is a better version of the standard Invisalign treatment that will provide you with similar results in a reduced amount of time. Smile Express is perfect for teenagers because it can be completed in just four visits to the orthodontist. The first visit involves the scanning of your mouth. Once the scan has been completed, the second visit will involve you picking up all of your clear braces no matter the duration of your treatment.

The third visit is a type of check up that assesses whether or not your treatment is progressing properly. The fourth and final treatment involves a de-bonding process that removes any special adhesives that were used throughout the process. Depending on the extent of your orthodontic problem, your treatment can be completed is as little as eight months, which usually makes for a cheaper treatment cost when compared to standard Invisalign.


Teen Orthodantics FAQ

Q: Can my teen remove their clear braces when playing sports?

A: While it’s certainly possible for your teenager to remove their clear braces when playing soccer or football, these clear braces can be worn when playing sports without issue. Because of how they are built, the smooth shape of clear braces means that your child won’t be hurt if they fall down while playing.

Q: Will the teeth straightening process still work if my teen accidentally forget to wear their clear braces for a day?

A: It’s essential that your teen wears their clear braces for at least 22-23 hours each day. However, a single missed day of wearing them won’t completely alter the teeth straightening process. The treatment time will progress quicker the longer your child wears the clear braces.

Q: Are there are dietary restrictions that my teen must pay attention to when wearing clear braces?

A: One of the best aspects of clear braces is that there are no dietary restrictions like there are with braces.

Q: Is this form of teen braces as effective as metal braces?

A: While clear braces can have difficulties with correcting substantial jaw problems, they are just as effective and capable as traditional metal braces for any other type of orthodontic problem.